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Thin hair can mean brittle strands, with frizz and without volume ... no more! Find out which products can help you win this battle. To get additional details, view here: Best Dry Shampoos for Fine Hair

True, thin hair is more fragile than other types of hair. This means that they break more easily, as well as being more sensitive to chemicals, such as progressive and discoloration. And, if you have fine hair, you must have realized that it is not just any type of product that looks good on your hair.

The leave-in, for example, can make them heavy and dull. Good intentions are not enough: it is important to know your hair and know which type of product brings real benefits to it! Discover below the products for fine hair that are good weapons to be part of your beauty arsenal.

Products for fine hair

Shampoo and conditioner

There is no huge variety of shampoos and conditioners by chance! They are specially created to meet different hair needs. Therefore, include specific versions for fine hair there .

When this pair (shampoo and conditioner) is used correctly (the two products for the same purpose) the result is more full-bodied or less thinned hair.

Product suggestion: Love Beauty and Planet Energizing Detox shampoo and conditioner .

Wooden combs - and goose bumps!

Metal or plastic combs and brushes can create static electricity because of the friction between the hair or accessory. Result: the hairs are prickly.

Solving the problem is easy: just replace them with wooden combs and brushes with natural bristles.

Practical hydration with super conditioner

Running out of time to hydrate your hair? Include a super conditioner in your care routine. The product can be applied in place of the traditional conditioner and has the effect of a mask in just 1 minute.

Reconstructive masks make the hair strong

Fine hair has less density than other types of hair. And, because they are thin, they are more susceptible to breakage. To combat the problem, it is necessary to regularly hydrate with reconstructive masks, with arginine, cysteine ​​or serine in the formula, which replenish the capillary mass.

Treatment can be done monthly on healthy hair.

Thermal protector to prevent broken wires

Because they are more fragile than other types of hair, the fine strands are also more sensitive to heat from the flat iron and dryer and are more easily damaged. Therefore, applying the thermal protector before using the heat appliances leaves the wires protected.

Serum to control frizz

Among the products for fine hair to be used on a daily basis, the serum is one of those wild cards. Often, the product, in addition to controlling frizz , also serves as a thermal protector, so use it on damp wires before drying.

Instant volume? Dry shampoo on the head!

Anyone who thinks that dry shampoo only serves to absorb excess oil from the hair is wrong. Nothing like that! The product can be used to add some volume as well.

Use it only on dry hair - never on wet or damp hair, okay? To achieve the effect, just spray the product about ten centimeters away from the root of the hair and straighten with your fingers, so that the strands of the region gain volume. Try the TRESemmé Day 2 Original Dry Shampoo .

Root volume mousse

It is the ideal product to be applied before brushing to ensure volume to the hair. Apply the equivalent of a tennis ball to the root of the damp hair and, using a cylindrical brush, make a styling brush if you want visibly fuller hair.

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